Metal sheet cutting laser


This metal sheet laser machine has an incorporated load and unload system, allowing you to work virtually 24 hours a day (it is fed by a 50 cassette vertical storage system).

This new generation laser machine guarantees the fastest cutting speed as well as maximum precision. It is able to cut all types of metal sheets, from ultra-thin (including pre-varnished, zinc-coated and stainless steel) to thick metal sheets (up to 20mm).

Hyper Gear 510 is a newly designed machine that exploits the dynamics of its linear motors, allowing for high acceleration/deceleration ramps, with a consequent reduction in cutting costs.

The pulse function enables you to punch continuously through considerably thick material with higher precision than any other laser cutting system.

The use of a high energy density CO2 laser ray enables you to obtain high-level precision and cost cutting that you couldn’t dream of with conventional laser machines.
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