Robot welding

Our company has a welding department located in a 600m2 building with numerous manual assembly and welding positions.

After the assembly phase, the material is passed onto the robot welding phase, making the most of the characteristics of our robot welding systems described below:


Our robot welding system is made up of 1 ROBOT CLOOS 210, with pneumatic cleaning device, electric joint locater, rotating positioner and tailstock.
It welds metallic structures with the following maximum characteristics: 3000mm diam. by 1300mm height, 3000kg including chuck.


OTC welding system for mig-mag welding with a positioner on two axes controlled by a single, reclining, rotating station with tailstock.
- Capacity 500kg
- Table diameter 500mm, tailstock
- 2500mm useful light.
It can weld metallic structures that meet the following characteristics:
- Space occupied: 700x700mm
- Weight 70kg
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